exit the hummingbirds



I noticed this afternoon that the hummingbird feeder was fairly full of nectar. I did a quick calculation in my head and realized it had been days since it needed cleaning and refilling. I caught myself being purposeful to watch for the little birds as the day went on, but, I never saw them come. The weather took a solid turn this week, and autumn has truly arrived. (YES!) The winds today were cold and quite gusty, and the skies were a dark grey. Still, it was beautiful. We put on a couple of layers here in the house just to be able to keep the back door and windows open. We all appreciate the cooler autumn temps, and know that the days of free-flowing cross breezes through our home are numbered. So, layers it was. My daughter is a mini me, and longs for similar things as I on cloudy days like today — candles, jazz, hot chocolate. Beautiful fresh air. It’s nice to have the camaraderie between us, to share and enjoy the days as the seasons shift and the sun sleeps earlier each night. Sometimes I think the five-year old might be on board as well; he adds to the atmosphere by running for the instrument basket, grabbing some bongos or a harmonica (or, a tiny Mickey Mouse guitar) and adding his own rhythm and roll to the music we are enjoying. They’re good times. But, the changes bring changes. We will miss the hummingbirds. I mean, I’m glad they headed some place warmer and have hopes that they will return in seven months or so. I had never actually seen one until just a few years ago. Now we have become accustomed to seeing them all day, everyday, throughout the summer. It surprises me, but they come rain or shine. They return repeatedly to feed, and we marvel at their teeny feet and how they hover. Occasionally we see them fly into one of our trees and we can track them to a branch. Once, about a week ago, one landed on the metal ring around the feeder and rested there for a short spell. How I wished I could have photographed that! *sigh* It was a sad realization today, seeing all that nectar left in the bowl — our friends have moved on. I so love to care for them. They are such a wonderful source of beauty and enjoyment in our yard each summer during the growing season. And when they come again, my children will have grown some more. My mini me will likely be more like me in some ways, and more her own person in many others. The five-year old might have greater appreciation for jazz, but will likely still be playing loud and crazy songs on his tiny guitar. Seasons changing, winds blowing, babies growing. The hummingbirds bid adieu and the rhythm keeps going. A day in the life….