Hints of September


“By all these lovely tokens September days are here, With summer’s best of weather And autumn’s best of cheer.” (H.H. Jackson)

Lavender flowers on the sedum hint at the turning of the season. I love them. Somehow I am always surprised that at the end of the growing season, pastel buds appear on this plant that I love. I really do need more beds filled with these kept & neat flowers; they divide easily, so I’ve only my own laziness to blame for not having more in my beds. But, as the rest of the yard turns to the known & typical shades of the season, these shine in pale pink-purple beauty. In the summer months, the house finches gently land on and peck at the leaves. They stay perched there longer than I would expect, giving me time to really watch them. They are more succulent leaves, so, likely they are a source of water during the hot months. Makes sense that the birds would linger. I find it enchanting, watching them feed in the sedum. There’s something about the hint of blue in the thick leaves, the lighter green of the flower, and the grey of the tiny bird. Can you see it? Maybe it’s just me. And, I’m okay with that. It draws me in. (Oh — and they look beautiful in the landscape of the night.) I planted them near the house for many reasons….

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