The crickets make me feel safe.


There is something about this time of year…when the crickets take over the nighttime air and the evening chill doesn’t really chill so much as it does wrap its arms around like an old and trusted friend. The soundtrack of my life, my favorite times of my life. Crickets. They come out at the best, most lovely time of year and their song plays ever stronger as evening becomes night, every night in the early autumn. Occasionally little frogs call back and forth to each other in the trees, adding to the September Chorus. I’ve always loved the night. There’s something about the depth of it that makes me feel more alive than when the sun is shining and it seems as though everything is thin and open, busy and fleeting. The night brings deep thoughts, deeper emotions, with the backdrop a deep & wondrous sky full of stars. And, my most favorite of all creation, the moon. Used to ask my dad to get me the moon. It’s true. I’ve always had my biggest thoughts and musings at night. (Likely wouldn’t surprise that, in my adolescence, I would write poetry by moonlight.) As I’ve gotten older, I’m content to sit in an overstuffed chair or glider in the corner, and stare out at the beautiful shadows that are creating the night’s landscape in front of and around me, garden beds still and yet so alive in the yard, the glow of lamplight in and on neighboring houses, streetlights illuminating the leaves on trees I hold dear. And crickets creating that perfect soundtrack….They keep me company and bring the night to life. Such wonderful life. Wild and wonderful and deep. 

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